Thank you for being on this journey with me. This monthly newsletter has become a way for me to check in with my own creativity and I hope it gives you a chance, too.

Creativity is innate. It exists in all of us and expressing it can bring immense feelings of joy and connection....something we could all use more of these days! I'd love to hear what you've been creating. Send me an email or contact me.

What's New this month...

Upcycled Craft Kits ~ treat yourself or send a handmade gift to someone special ~

  • DIY Craft Kit: Tiny POP! Boxes These cute little 1" boxes are ready for you to decorate, assemble, & yourself, a friend, a stranger. Fill them with kind words, inspirational quotes, or secret's totally up to you...Oh! & they make fun gift toppers, too :)

Virtual Craftworking ~ gather, create, & connect ~

Whether you're gathering in-person or virtually, Happily Upcycled DIY craft kits make the perfect group activity. Need help coordinating such an event or want someone to facilitate it? Contact me! I love bringing people together to experience the benefits of creativity and mindful crafting. Contact me to Chat! Re: Craftworking/Creative Gathering

Need a digital detox?  ~ check out my printable tools, then take a mindful screen break ~

  • Finger Labyrinth Mindfulness Tool (Printable File)  Download, Print, & Use Instantly Experience the benefits of being calmer and more centered with regular use. Finger labyrinths can teach adults and children how to take a mindful break from screens and technology and assist in strengthening (or beginning!) a meditation practice.

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